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In Spanish literature, you've been looking for streets which are dedicated to some relevant figures of the Romanticism and Neoclassicism in the XVIIIth Century.

Now, in English subject and for 4 lessons, each group is going to choose one of these streets and create an interactive picture about their featured figure.

With the help of the online software http://www.thinglink.com, you will create your own picture. Follow these steps:

Use the picture you took in the street as the background (upload it in "my images")

Start tagging the picture with the information you need to include:
  • Biography of the figure: link to a webpage with the information + tags with the most relevant information (at least 4)
  • List of main works (with the link to the webpage where you found the information). Don't include all the works, only the most important ones.
  • Picture(s) to illustrate his/her biography and the topic.
  • A song which illustrates the topic.
  • A link to your blog and the general project blog.
  • Video or videos where all the members in the group talk about the figure.
  • Any links that you find interesting for the topic.

Embed your interactive pictures in your project blogs and leave here a comment with the link.

Deadline: 4th December.

Here you've got an image I've created to give you detailed instructions:

Print out the  rubric and give it to your teacher when the interactive picture is finished:

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